The connection between lack of sleep and mental health has been well documented for years, and the relationship is now a consistent part of many studies regarding a variety of psychiatric conditions. Sleep plays an absolutely massive part in both our physical and mental health, and disturbances in our sleep patterns, cycles, or routines can quickly trigger numerous conditions and stressors. Here are some of the many benefits that sleep provides, as well as the negative impacts correlated with lack of sleep and mental health.

Mental benefits of sleep

Mental Benefits of Sleep

One of the primary mental benefits of sleep is how it recharges both our body and mind, restoring energy that we need throughout the next day. When our body fails to recharge, and that energy is thoroughly depleted for an extended period, it makes us far more susceptible to mental fatigue and exhaustion, which can easily bring out many mental conditions.

Further mental benefits of sleep include:

  • Facilitating Brain Processes – Natural sleep, particularly REM sleep, is said to facilitate our brain’s processing of emotional information. 
  • Enables Better Functionality – Each stage of our sleep cycle has an important role to play in allowing certain areas of our brains to ramp up or down, as well as enabling better thinking, learning, and remembering when we are awake. 
  • Keeps Us Focused – When it comes to our jobs or schoolwork, a lack of sleep can impact our ability to focus throughout the day. If we then get sidetracked, delayed, held back, or preoccupied while attempting to complete our responsibilities, this can immediately cause further stress and anxiety.
Mental effects of sleep deprivation

Mental Effects of Sleep Deprivation

While research suggests that the mental effects of sleep deprivation are complex, there are some clear mental conditions that can arise, and are well documented in doing so. Some

  • Stress – One of the most popular associations with sleep deprivation, stress can be shown in a multitude of ways. Whether it’s irritability or short-temperedness throughout the day, extended worry or anxiety before bed, or just naturally-accumulating fatigue by our body being “off”, stress is one of the first signs that your sleep schedule needs some adjustment. 
  • Depression – Even though insomnia and sleep issues can be symptoms of depression, some research indicates that lack of sleep can directly cause depression. Now, researchers believe that treating insomnia in its early stages can greatly reduce the patient’s chance of developing depression or suicidal ideation. 
  • Bipolar Disorder – Disturbances in sleep patterns and cycles is very common for people with bipolar disorder. Bipolar disorder is characterized by alternating periods of depressed and elevated moods, and lack of sleep can exacerbate these periods.
  • ADHD – Research suggests that sleep disturbances may be a predictor or even a contributor to symptoms of ADHD, and studies have found that between 25% and 55% of children with ADHD also experience sleep disturbances.

How to Improve Your Sleep

Fortunately, sleep problems are generally considered modifiable risk factors for many conditions, and symptoms of these psychiatric disorders can be relieved with improved sleep quality and quantity. Often, this begins with giving yourself a regimented sleep routine, and developing mindful sleep hygiene habits to implement on a daily basis.

Consistently going to bed, falling asleep, and waking up at the same time are all said to improve our sleep pattern and bring on more restful sleep. Therapy is another resource that can greatly improve our ability to fall asleep, and should be considered for anyone dealing with these conditions or disorders to any extent.

Another way to find great, restful sleep is through the use of a natural sleep remedy or organic supplement.

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